Welcome to Spooky Halloween Event

From 30th October, Friday at VAeroCargo, we join the world to celebrate the occasion of Halloween with a spooky, fun filled Flight Event.

The Halloween Quest will involve the bravest Pilots, to demonstrate their will and fearlessness to set out for an adventure to the unknown corners of the world.

The purpose for the Pilots would be to gather necessary ingredients to arrange for the Halloween Party, and for that they would take their planes to unknown terriotory and will land at remote destinations. Across the Globe these items will be scattered. You need to find them and collect and bring it back to Cities. As you start gathering different ingredients, the Party will shape up bit by bit. You will also recieve your score on the collections.

Together, we challenge the Pilots to collect all necessary ingredients from across the World and make the halloween 2020 successful !

There will be different locations and Flight Routes, you are allowed to take any aircraft of your choice, and just land at the airport where the item/ingredient is located. Once your flight is registered for that route your score will reflect under your profile. You can make the flight with mentioned start and destination airports directly in ACARS as CHARTER FLIGHT. We would appreciate if all flights has comment "Halloween VAeroCargo Event" while you submit the flights.

The event progress will be displayed on website home page. It will look similar to this.

It means that the overall progress to the event, that is the collection of the ingredients for the party has been 20% so far. Also the number of each collectible will be shown.Your individual progress can be seen on your Profile page.

The Collectibles