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VAeroCARGO welcomes you to the family !

We'll build together a virtual Cargo Career for you at your pace as per your need.

Enjoy the experience to fly with us, use our state of the art fully automated ACARS system, hundreds of real world cargo routes flown by top cargo carriers. Engage into managing your own finance and also contribute to build the VA system's revenue.

Our staffs are all aviation enthusiast like you, and understands your requirement well. Rest assured at each step you will receive help and assistance. We as a family will ensure you enjoy your journey with us and attain a successful career, and be very proud about it.

THANK YOU again !



Piloti 67
Vazduhoplova u floti 39
Ruta 547
Ukupno sati: 3900.11
Letova ukupno 1197
Broj redovnih linija 298
Broj letova Charter 899
% Redovne linije 24.90 %


FlightPilotOdlazakDolazakDatumOperated ByVreme leta
AZA881Edward Felix  LIPZ  LIRF 2022-11-20 1.08
HVN401Flyhighs   VTBS  RKSI 2022-11-19 4.91
DLH766Simon Walter  EDDF  EHAM 2022-11-17 0.59
BLE249Georg Geissler  LSGG  LPPT 2022-11-15 3.59
BLE19Flyhighs   LOWW  LMML 2022-11-14 2.39
NJ33Joan Herrera  KMSP  KLAS 2022-11-14 2.92
QTR337Simon Walter  OTHH  UUEE 2022-10-30 5.22
UAL4392Mijo Gerry  KLGA  KIAD 2022-10-29 1.33
VIR354Flyhighs   EGLL  VABB 2022-10-24 8.22
VIR355Flyhighs   VABB  EGLL 2022-10-24 9.60







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