VAeroCargo intends to be a flexible virtual airlines system where aviation enthusiasts for all areas of work and simmers from all platforms and of all age groups are welcome. However, as flexible as we are, we also do not want your experience to be completely unrealistic. That would be like load up any flight and randomly pick any airport to fly from and to any other airport to land into. This does not necessarily provides a purpose to the avaition or simming hobby.

We would rather like to provide you with a options loaded path mixed with proper balance of rules and regulations applicable fo rthe field, so that your journey attaches with a purpose. Your career has visions and goals. Here at VAeroCargo all the staff members will strive to bring realistic but fun filled experience to your virtual cargo flights career.

 The first step to associate with VAeroCargo would be to register for it
 Don't just yet set-up a flight right after your registration and activation. Take some time of your own and explore the website. Check out the options available to you. Please take in everything slowly and at calm pace. You will have plenty of time to prepare for your first flight soon.

 Perhaps already you must have noticed during registration you are offered to get associated with one of the cargo carriers. The cargo operator you choose during the registration process will be your primary airline associated with your career. All your flights hencforth will be taken under the brand of cargo operator chosen by you.

  You would like to explore our services to offer, check out the various options available alongside your career path. You might like to take a look into our fleet, hubs of cargo operations, ranking system to name a few of them.
You will receive a fair idea of how you can progress your career with VAeroCargo here

 You are initially going to begin with smaller planes like Cessna 172, ATR42 etc. and as you add flying hours under your pilot badge, you gather reputation and progress through the ladder of ranks. Reputation is dependent on multiple factors of flight and is awarded on each flight. You could also lose a bit of your reputation if your flight quality, landing performance is not up to the mark. The system calculates several flight quality parameters to decide the reputation you should achieve after each flight completion.

For you it would be really interesting to achieve more and more reputation, because with this reputation points you can not only fast track your career progression, but also receive few other interesting bonus. Explore more through the VA system to know about it. You can find your reputation point in your pilot statistics page, after login to the system.

 At VAeroCargo, we endorse a free, and open environment as long as a flight is concerned. However, we still believe that a piloting career should go via certain regulations and should follow a defined path. Yor career progression as a cargo pilot is nonetheless fun filled, but not directionless.

  You will begin here as a "NEW HIRE", which will be your initial rank in your career. As you fly more and more flights, you accumulate flight hours. We also award you with reputation - a unique concept at VAeroCargo. With each flight, you earn certain reputation, which is based on the overall flight quality. If you don't fair well with the flights, and if it is too bad, then you lose some reputation too. Just like what should happen in Real-World. Please remember you are to build a career as shining as the metal surface of your plane. So we strive for it.

You will move up in rank when you get to certain level of flight hours and reputation under your pilot portfolio. You will be notified regarding your promotion. With promotion your salary per hour will also increase. Please remember that, the rank you hold, the reputation you have will determine the flights certification you hold, that is which airplanes you should be allowed to fly for the airline.

Please vist our rank section where you can get an idea of the ranking system. Ranking System


Your first flight will always begin as a training flight. Because your Airline needs to check first how you perform with basics of flying. This will also provide you an opportunity to get to know the system of the VA. You will also earn bonus, hours, reputation and essentially the overall experience of working with your airlines. So, first few flights you should be doing as your training flights.

The details of how to setup the ACARS for the first time and how to submit a PIREP with SIM ACARS, is explained at "SIM ACARS Flight Setup Guide" here

You should also know that there are different kind of flights at VAeroCargo. The "REGULAR FLIGHTS", "SPECIAL FLIGHTS" and "CHARTER FLIGHTS". How these flight types are defined has been explained below. Please go through.

REGULAR FLIGHTS The regular flights are those which will be setup by the VA system. Each Airline will have their dedicated routes, which resembles real world routes. Here, you will get to fly all real routes flown by the real world counterpart of the airlines. You should also use the assigned aircraft type and fleet only for the flight. Any deviation could result into rejection of the flight by system. This has only been done to stick to realism as much as possible.

You need to book these regular flights from the VAeroCargo website.
SPECIAL FLIGHTS From time to time you will be given choice of assorted special cargo flights setup by the VA system. This offer will be made available to you once you have certain reputation and hours under your portfolio, That means a special flight can be available to be booked by a pilot, whereas another pilot may not get the option to choose it, due to insufficient criteria. It's a very new and exciting way to fly with a purpose. Try it out.

All special flights will have SPECIAL BONUS and a specific mission or purpose. The mission will be displyed to you when you would be booking the flight. Please note that, all the SPECIAL FLIGHTS will also need to be booked via the website first.
CHARTER FLIGHTS Charter Flights are the flights for which you can freely choose your flight for any airline, you can choose your own departure and arrival airports, routes, aircraft type as per your wish. All you need to do is fill up specific fields in SIMACARS and begin the flight. You DO NOT need to book charter flight from website. This option has been kept in place to ensure, at any point of time if a pilot decides to deviate from the bound of rules and freely fly any kind of flight. Yes, you can do so it here at VAeroCargo. Enjoying a flight as our own is the main purpose of us all !!

That is, any flight you complete and submit PIREP using SIM ACARS, without booking a route from website,and will be logged as a CHARTER FLIGHT under "VAeroCargo".

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